Even if you don't want or need a bitumen driveway, We can still build you a gravel driveway using quality gravel.



Base preparation is a key to ensuring a long life for any drive or pathway surface. Lack of preparation will lead to failure. A driveway must have a solid base. Placing bitumen or asphalt on an incorrectly prepared base will FAIL.

We build our driveways strong enough to handle trucks, you may say I don't have a truck but remember that a water or removal truck may use the driveway at some point.

For new driveways, the area to be used must be stripped of any vegetation and topsoil. The underlying soil or rock should then be removed to a sufficient depth to ensure a stable base usually a minimum of 100mm but we prefer to use 150-200mm.

Simply spraying bitumen or laying asphalt on an unstable base will lead to immediate failure and is not something we will participate in.  We want your investment to last.


Like base preparation, effective drainage is essential for any driveway. Drainage will ensure that water cannot damage the surface by eroding away the base or causing soils to expand.

Effective drainage will also prevent any pooling or flooding of areas.

For driveways constructed parallel to a slope, a drain should be placed across the driveway at the bottom of the slope or at the junction with adjacent surfaces (e.g. garage floor, footpath). All finished driveways should be shaped &/or sloped, to provide for surface water runoff.

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