Asphalt is a smooth bitumen product that looks like black concrete.

Typical pavement thicknesses for residential driveways that have normal vehicle traffic including 4WD vehicles require an asphalt thickness of at least 30mm provided it is placed over properly prepared base material of 150mm-200mm thickness.  We prefer to work on 40-50mm depths for more durablity.

For full depth asphalt, where the natural base is solid the asphalt thickness should be at least 75mm.

For driveways which are subjected to regular use by heavier vehicles 40-50mm thickness should be used.


One of the advantages of an asphalt driveway is that it can be readily resurfaced if it is damaged. Renewal of the surface can also be accomplished rapidly and economically with minimum interference.

Once the surface is ready for recoating a coat of bitumen emulsion (a tack coat) is applied and before a new surface of hot asphalt is laid and compacted.
Should the surface be badly damaged and especially if the base is not stable then additional work may be necessary to restore a pavement.

Asphalt is also used for filling of potholes.

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